Friday, February 05, 2010

seemed like a good idea at the time...

In anticipation of Pat's upcoming retirement, we decided to go to the doctor and get some routine tests done (while our current insurance would pay for them).

So,we are in the process of doing that. My blood work came back fine, except I have hypothyroidism. Great. Now, I have to take medication. The good news about hypothyroidism is that you get to blame weight gain on that. I'm all about blaming something besides myself for these extra pounds.

But I'm very thankful that my cholesterol is good, kidney and liver function good and all that other stuff.

It was recommended that I have a bone density scan, being a woman of a certain age. The test is no big deal. You just lay still on a table for several minutes. I can do that.

That was the easy part. The not so easy part is digesting the news that I have severe osteoporosis in my right hip and lower spine.

I was always told that weight bearing exercise, like walking,would help prevent osteoporosis. So much for 20 years of walking three miles a day. On the other hand, just think how bad off I would be if I didn't exercise! And I'd be fat, too. Oh, wait I can blame that on hypothyroidism. :)

Information is power, though, and while I am not thrilled to have osteo, at least I know and can do something about it. I'll take my pills like a good girl. Hopefully I can 'stop and reverse bone loss' just like Gidget.

Can't wait for my colonoscopy now.


Anonymous said...

Please....Take care of that osteo !! It is not to be fooled with.
Wait a minute.....How can a woman in her early 30"s have osteo ?

Anonymous said...

It Was a good idea -- now you can get after both situations. (I had a thyroid work-up last year -- no such luck for me; the levels were fine, but the weight is not. Sigh.)

And -- I highly recommend the sedation that comes with the colonoscopy. The prep not so much, but the sedation, just what the dr. ordered.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I am always surprised when something is actually wrong with me. My gray hair is certainly just my highlights. Sore muscles will certainly go away by tomorrow. (But they don't, and I am always surprised again.) Trying to embrace a gentler form of gardening...wondering what we could grow on our chins that's edible... instead of....what grows there now. Hang in there....and remember that if we all end up in a group home you must come back up here and join us! Linda

swansmith said...

Sorry about the your bone problem! But you can look forward to the colonoscopy--I was really in lala land during that procedure! (The prep isn't much fun, though--just keep telling yourself, I will not throw up, I will not thrown up . . .)
Sister Suzi

cheri said...

On the meds now, Anon.

kjh, I've heard the sedation is wonderful!

I know, Linda...when did we become women of a certain age?

Thanks Suzi, lalaland here I come!