Sunday, February 28, 2010

what I did on my blogger vacation

Miss me? (Please only answer that in the affirmative.) It's good to be back!

The list of things I wanted to accomplish while I took a blog break mocks me now. Oh, I did get a few of the things done, but my best intentions are still just that.

I can’t figure out if I am
a) a hopeless optimist
b) lazy bum
c) incapable of sticking to my tasks.
(Personally, I prefer a.)

That is not to say I didn’t get anything done. We had one glorious weekend of temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. While Pat pruned our rose bushes, I spread manure around the rhubarb, trimmed perennials and hoed the garden beds. We washed the car and generally cleaned up around the outside of the house.

I am attending two Bible studies and the homework required for both of these takes about two hours. I began some spring cleaning and worked on some music. Oh, and taxes. I assemble all the information and Pat fills out the form for our tax preparer. Check that one off the list.

I did finish the baby quilt. I had some fabric I bought a few years ago which lent itself perfectly to a very feminine, sweet, old-fashioned quilt for our first granddaughter.

Since I used a high loft batting - good for baby's comfort when on the floor- this quilt is tied.

I don’t normally keep a ‘stash’ of fabric on hand, but the majority of these fabrics were bought a few years ago. In addition to these fabrics, I had a small bag of fabric that Kristi gave me after her mother’s death (March 2008). Kathie died a month before Joshua was born. As I looked through her fabrics, I realized I could incorporate some of them in the baby quilt. The best fabrics were very light , while all of mine were saturated with color. After piecing the top, I realized the light colors were too stark a contrast. Inspiration struck and I appliqu├ęd hearts on the light fabric (with fusible webbing and a decorative blanket stitch).

I am so happy with the results. And so thrilled that we can wrap our first little granddaughter in a quilt lovingly compiled by both her grandmas.
Lots of interesting things happened in the past few weeks. Can't wait to share? What have y'all been doin'?


Anonymous said...

Miss you? Most definitely affirmative...welcome back, Hopeless Optimist!


Lady Farmer said...

Yes! You were missed and it is good to have you back!
Accomplishing tasks makes hopeless optimists of all of us, I'm afraid! (I am guilty of being the other two also!) When hubby is on a week of 'layoff' we never seem to get that list any shorter. We just keep adding on to the end of it!
You baby quilt is just adorable! What a precious gift of love from both grandmas!

Anonymous said...

Always !

Becky said...

So glad to see you back. And your quilt is just beautiful. I am so happy that some of her other grandma's fabric is stitched lovingly in that quilt. It is just beautiful and perfect for a baby girl.

cheri said...

Thank you Kathee!

Thanks Lady Farmer...and I know what you mean about adding to the end of the list.

Thanks anon.

Becky, I can't wait to wrap our little girl up in this !