Saturday, March 06, 2010

awww and owww

After bagging up groceries for the food pantry yesterday, I slipped into the fellowship hall where a sale was in progress. The proceeds from consignment sale of children's clothing is to benefit children attending church camp this summer. Soo.... I bought some pink, flowery, ruffly things for our little granddaughter (sorry for the poor quality of the pics - couldn't find good light in the house).
The items I bought didn't look like they had ever been worn and they were adorable. And reasonable. And for a good cause - my granddaughter and our church kids! I bought some things for Joshua too, but they are not pink and ruffly and flowery.

I had a tooth extracted on Wednesday. Friday, I developed dry socket which is fairly ouchy. I'm helping at the food pantry again this morning. The temporary pain I am in will be a good reminder of the long term pain many of our pantry friends experience. Pat is taking good care of me, he ran to town to get me some oil of cloves - that stuff really helps! The pain meds aren't boo tad either. :) Lalala

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It is supposed to be beautiful here!

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swansmith said...

Cute clothes! So excited about your upcoming granddaughter!

Hey--about that dry socket--GO BACK TO THE DENTIST! There is an easy fix for that and the dentist should not charge you for it. You should not have to live with this pain.
Hopefully this is an unnecessary comment and you have already been to the dentist to check it out. But maybe this necessitates a phone call. ;) (from me to you)
Love you!


cheri said...

Thanks sis. Doin' much better! Without the dentist! :)