Tuesday, March 02, 2010

complaining about the weather

A colder and snowier winter than normal produces two things down here in southeast Tennessee.

The first thing is complaining. 'Will winter ever end?' 'It is soooo cold!' 'I'm gonna move to Florida!'.

Of course, this amuses me no end. This winter, though harder than most down here is no where near as long and cold and snowy as we endured (and you are enduring) in the northwoods. I try to be sympathetic....

I no more understand complaining about the weather than I understand the newscasters who interview seismologists and ask 'why can't you predict when earthquakes will happen'? (We continue to pray for the people of Haiti and now...Chile.)

Some things are unknowable. Some things (like the weather) are beyond our ability to change. So, we endure or enjoy.

I choose enjoy.

A rainy, blustery day is a perfect day for reading a book, sewing, cleaning a closet, writing letters to sweet friends, trying a new soup recipe. Same goes for below-zero days.

The second thing bad weather produces here in southeast Tennessee is great beauty. And when the temperatures are mild and the sun is shining.... time to head out and enjoy.

We are so blessed to be in a valley surrounded by mountains. If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the snow covered mountains in the distance. (My camera doesn't do it justice.) This sight (taken from the highest point in our subdivision) is simply breath-taking.

On a cold, sunny day following a few snowy days, the light reflects off the mountains and they are dazzling.

My neighbor and I walk and are awe-struck. We alternate between saying, 'Wow' and 'How can people not believe in God?'
Today is cold and blustery. The snow that is falling is not accumulating here in the valley, but the mountains are getting several inches.

I'm forecasting another beautiful, breath-taking day.

click on photos to enlarge...it will help....some

Oh, my. Did I just come back from a two week break from blogging and write a post about the weather! ?! I wouldn't blame you if you never came back here again. I'll try to do better....sorry!


Becky said...

Dear People who want to move to Florida,

Don't do it!!

I agree totally with your attitude Cheri. It is not the way things go that matters nearly as much as how we handle the way things go.

I, for one, am anxiously looking forward to predicted rain, snow, and "wintery mix" they are predicting today. I am headed upstairs to my sewing room

Lady Farmer said...

I am guilty! I have been complaining about the weather here in WA! We didn't get any winter!! I want snow! We didn't get that much rain compared to most years! Spring is already here!!! The flowering trees are blossoming, the daffodils and hellabores are blooming, THE GRASS NEEDS TO BE MOWED! And like you said, I am choosing to enjoy it! My complaining will not change it, I cannot control it, but I can enjoy the beauty God has surrounded me with and praise Him for it!

I love hearing about the weather in other parts of the country and seeing your photos, too! It takes me on a little road trip via my computer screen!
Thanks for the mini 'winter' vacation!

momawake said...

I appreciate your post about weather. It's so easy to complain about it. I'll probably doing that in August, but I love winter and all the snow! I complain when we don't get enough. ;-) I try to remind myself of Phil. 2:14 Do everything without complaining or arguing. So while your post may have been about weather, it's more about our attitude.

cheri said...

Enjoy your wintery mix, Becky!

LadyFarmer, I have seen a few other blogs from the northwest that have daffodils on them. So early! What a nice gift!

Momawake, yes I guess it was about attitude. You have gotten a nice dose of snow this year, haven't you?

thatmom said...

I love your pictures of Tennessee. It is one of the loveliest places ever. Two of our children and their families live in South Carolina and I always look forward to our drives through the mountains. Now that Ben lives in Nashville, we are enjoying getting to see the other side of your state...not as mountainous but still exceptionally beautiful.

Glad your blogging vacation is over...I missed you.