Tuesday, March 09, 2010

it might be here

The weather was so nice that Mom and Dad walked over to our house twice. The second time they found me bending over this delicate little wildflower,
identification book in hand.
Mountain Bluet.

I think spring arrived in southeast Tennessee yesterday.

Though the morning was chilly, the day quickly warmed. Windows were opened. Laundry was hung .

I hoed the garden and planted carrots, two varieties of lettuce and two varieties of radish.

We saw our first crocus.

Pat and I walked around the block three times at various times throughout the day. During one walk we discovered that our neighbor had a wheelbarrow full of sod. He cut this from the edges of his driveway for a brick laying project. These cuttings were perfect for some bare spots in our yard. With his permission and blessing we took the sod and patched it in our yard.

Another walk around the block - 2/3 of a mile - took us well over an hour to complete because there were other neighbors strolling around.

Everyone was in a good mood.

Sunshine and warm temperatures will do that. Hope you are enjoying hints of spring wherever you are!


Becky said...

It was so lovely here yesterday that Jasper and I walked around the back yard with no jackets. And today we plan on trudging up and down the hills of the neighborhood to see if anything is blooming. Up until now we have only seen the green shoots but no flowers yet.

It's coming!

Lady Farmer said...

As is usual around these parts, after experiencing several weeks of spring~like weather, it snowed! But nothing stuck to the ground and it was only in the higher elevations, but the frost was hard and I'm sure it didn't help the buds and blossoms on the trees and plants. Dispite the untimely flurries, I do think Spring is here!
Your Mountain Bluet is sweet! I love the wildflowers so much! God is just the best gardener!

cheri said...

No jackets! I love it, Becky - we shed our jackets yesterday and the day before too.

God is the best gardener Lady Farmer - I just wish I could convince our neighbor of that. He regularly poisons off the clover in his yard. :(