Monday, March 22, 2010

lemon meringue was my idea

In anticipation of my aunt's second visit in a week, I had decided to make a lemon meringue pie. The previous weekend's banana cream was tasty, but not pretty. I wanted to master pretty.

But, on Friday, after running a ton of errands and finishing two Bible study lessons, and walking three miles with my neighbor, I was feeling lazy. I knew I should go ahead and pre-bake a pie crust, but it occurred to me that I didn't even really like pie crust. And pie crusts contain a lot of calories. Fat calories. Who needs that?

(Cue the ''Windows 7 - it was my idea' commercial with ethereal music playing in the background and swap out a beautiful super model for me.)

I thought to myself, 'Why do I need a pie crust with the lemon meringue?' Why can't I just make lemon meringue?'

So, I did.

And served them in little custard cups. So pretty, so easy. Soooo yummy.

And it was my idea. ~smile~

My sister blogged about my niece's weekend appendectomy here.


Becky said...

Haha! You have some great ideas. When I was a little girl my favorite pie was lemon meringue and I would eat only the lemon and the crust ... no meringue thank you. That is what cousins are for. I had a cousin who like the meringue and not the rest, so we shared both our pieces of pie. Hey Jan are you out there!!??

Anyway, great idea. I think I could make this for the Butler as he is not supposed to have the crust. Hmmmm. I'm on it!!

Lady Farmer said...

Now that was the most delicious introduction to an appendectomy I have ever read! ;~D

cheri said...

Aren't cousins great, Becky? And thanks for 'getting' my warped sense of humor.

I know, Lady Farmer...something wacky about the flow of that post! I wasn't sure how to segue from one to the other - so I just did it abruptly!