Monday, March 15, 2010

mastering the meringue

We have certainly enjoyed our visit with my aunt this weekend. She leaves this morning - Nashville bound - but will return on Saturday.

My banana meringue pie was tasty, but not pretty. The meringue separated from the edges of the crust despite my following the directions which clearly said 'smooth the meringue to the edges of the pastry to avoid separation'. So, I need more practice and will master the meringue no matter how many calories I have to consume to do so.

Making this pie brought back childhood memories. Mom makes great pies. When we would go visit my paternal grandparents in New York each summer, my grandpa would request that Mom make a pie.

She obliged. I remember her spreading the meringue on the hot lemon filling and using the back of the spoon to lift up the cute little meringue curly cues. Seemed magical.

Good memories of good times oh so long ago.

Tomorrow Miss Emilee and sister-in-law Cheryl arrive. We will decorate Easter eggs.

Hopefully I'm better at boiling eggs than I am at pie making!


Lorelei said...

Do you remember the crash course in pie-making Mom gave you the summer before you got married? She was panicked that you didn't know your way around the kitchen! You sure put those worries to rest.

I remember pies for dessert every night for a week. . . .mmmmm, pie....

Lil sis

Kristi said...

Feel free to work on your banana meringue pie next time we're together! Sounds so yummy!

swansmith said...

What a great way to celebrate pi day! (you know, 3.1415 . .. . )
Wish I was there to eat it!
Love you,


cheri said...

Mom is a good teacher lil sis, isn't she?

Kristi, we can work on that together!

Suzi, maybe we can make one too when I'm in your neighborhood!