Wednesday, March 17, 2010

photo journal part 1

Wonderful, long talks with my aunt
hope I'm as active and sharp as she is when I reach her age

Hooray! We are coloring eggs!
Concentrating on intensifying the colors

Pleased with the results.


Becky said...

Emilee ... you did a wonderful job coloring those eggs. They are so pretty and springy. Did you get to eat any of them yet??

Lady Farmer said...

What a lovely lady your aunt is! I hope to be active and sharp like her (and my grandmother was)too!

I am pleased with the results of the eggs, also! What wonderful colors!


cheri said...

Emilee says 'thanks' Becky. She didn't eat any and please don't tell her I'm turning them into deviled eggs today.

My aunt it remarkable, Lady Farmer and Em was so proud of the eggs!

swansmith said...

How fun!!