Friday, March 05, 2010


Periodically, I yammer on in my blog posts about the importance of buying things on sale and stocking up.

It appears that someone has actually been listening:

picture from homesteading today

And, if you are not sure what to prepare for supper, check out Kelly's new blog.
Kelly is my daughter-in-law Kristi's sister and will have all kinds of yummy ideas for y'all.
Please notice the new widget on my sidebar. Not only are we counting the days 'til our granddaughter's arrival, we are preparing for Pat's retirement. Won't be long now!


Becky said...

That is a great picture. Really. Who needs space for a car anyway?

And you know, Pat's retirement means you can BOTH travel to see that baby girl the moment she is born. How exciting is that?

I am headed over to see that new blog right now. I am always ready for a new recipe.

Lady Farmer said...

How exciting! Both the baby and the retirement! Gentleman Farmer still has a couple more years but we are are preparing for that day also!
p.s. I always feel so rich when I am stocked up with LOTS of T.P! ;~P

cheri said...

Always enjoy your comments, girls!