Saturday, March 27, 2010

saturday with Joshua

Five and a half more weeks until we get to see this handsome boy!

turban Josh
face-making Josh
messy Josh
slippered Josh
Josh with his beautiful Mommy
Josh with his maternal grandpa
driveway Josh
He looks soooo grown-up here - he'll be two in a month!


swansmith said...

What adorable pictures!! :)

Wait--five and a half weeks--is that when Crown's graduation is? Can't believe we're that close to May!


Becky said...

He DOES look so grown up. And soon he will even look grown-upper because of his new little sister arriving. For some reason that always makes the first baby seem so old and big.

He is going to have fun being a big brother don't you think? And man, you are going to have fun with him. And her.

Waiting to hear about bb's grandbaby. My hat is in the pot for April 4 at 2:00 p.m.

Lady Farmer said...

What a handsome little fellow!

cheri said...

May 8 is graduation!

They do grow up overnight when they are a big brother or sister. Looks like you didn't win the pot, Becky - good news for Caitlyn tho!

Awwww. Thanks, Lady Farmer - we think so too! :)