Friday, March 12, 2010

a tale of two doggies


The milder weather has brought our neighbors outside. I enjoy taking a walk around the block and chat with folks we haven't seen all winter.

Yesterday, my neighbor J. and I were walking (we usually get out a few times a week together). Her little poodle, Pebbles, always accompanies us. This past winter she has worn a number of stylish puppy jackets, but yesterday did not need one.

As we were finishing up the three mile loop, we saw Mom walking KimmeeSue. Pebbles and KimmeeSue are great friends so they greeted each other as only dogs do and J. and I chatted with Mom.

All of a sudden Pebbles started whining and whimpering. A split second later Kimmee began having one of her infrequent seizures. As J. and Mom and I calmed and petted and reassured Kimmee, Pebbles kept her nose right up to Kimmee. So sweet. Pebbles is as compassionate as her owner.

I ran to Mom and Dad's to get their car. Kimmee, still in full seizure, jumped into the back seat. She feels very secure in that car - it is where she goes when their are thunder storms in the area.

Once I pulled the car into the garage, Kimmee jumped from the back seat into the front seat (while still seizing). I carried her into the house and after a bit she was fine. Thirsty, but fine.

This all lasted 5-6 minutes.

Isn't it remarkable that Pebbles sensed that something was about to happen? And that she felt responsible to comfort Kimmee? And that Kimmee, while still suffering from her seizure could jump not only into the car, but from back seat to front seat.

I tell ya, dogs are amazing people.

(I called J. and Pebbles later to assure them that Kimmee was okay and thank them for being there to help us. )


Becky said...

Wow, that must be so scary for all of you when that happens. And just like a person, it is sure comforting to have a friend nearby when you are scared.

Glad to hear that KimmieSue has a good friend, and that she is better today.

Chasing The Northern Dream said...

I have always agreed that dogs are indeed "people." Their personalities make them such great friends to us humans!

cheri said...

The worst part of it is seeing the wild, wide-eyed look in Kimmee's eyes. Wish we could tell her what is going on and that it will pass!

Dogs are so full of personality, Sarah! I get such a kick out of them!