Tuesday, March 23, 2010

that's garbage

How can you not love a hyacinth? Especially one this shade of purple!

So far, my facebook friend has not responded to my comment on his status yesterday. Also, no comments here but I got one supportive email and one shout out on facebook from momawake who couldn't get my comments to work. Thanks!

I heard this disturbing statistic on the radio yesterday:
"According to the United Nations Environment Program, Americans spend more for trash bags than 90 of the world's 210 countries spend for everything!".

Wow! Can that be possible? Shame on us.

We generate about one bag of garbage every 3-4 weeks. I wonder if we can do better than that? We recycle glass, tin, plastic, paper, and cardboard. We haven't started composting yet because of the skunks....one day I hope to have a compost tumbler, but they are rather pricey. (Maybe someone who is about to retire could make one for us.) I know, I'm so demanding.

Today is 'take all the recyclables and garbage to the dump day'. Mom is going to accompany me. A girls day out. Woohoo! As I left Mom and Dad's this morning, Mom (who always looks cute in anything she wears) asked what she should wear for our special time out on the town.

I told her casual would be just fine. I don't think the County inmates who run the dump will mind if we don't get too gussied up.

Hope you are having as much fun as we are today - I've gotta go coordinate my work gloves with my sweat pants!


Lori said...

1) Pro-life issue. The Hyde Amendment, which has been codified law for decades, has forbidden, does forbid, and will always forbid federal dollars to be spent on abortion. HCR (health care reform) is about health care insurance reform, not abortion. I don’t believe it is insignificant that a large number of nuns, not known to be rabid abortionists, are in favor of HCR. They argued that HCT is a pro-life program. 45,000 Americans die a year due to lack of health care. This bill takes steps to address that.
2) Debt. The last Democratic president left a surplus; the last Republican president erased that surplus and plunged us into debt by giving tax cuts to the wealthiest among us. The economy collapsed under a Republican government. President Obama left the Congress to draft the HCR legislation, but one of his guidelines was that the bill would be deficit neutral.
3) Ronald Reagan was a funny guy, “I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help.” Ooooh, scary. I don’t know who to credit with this observation, but Republicans seemed to get elected to prove the government is incompetent. FEMA worked well under President Clinton, because he hired disaster relief professionals to head and staff the agency. President Bush hired the college roommate of a big campaign donor. Heckuvajob Brownie was a lawyer for an Arabian Horse Association, with almost no experience in disaster relief. Our government knew the levies in New Orleans were in bad shape. Neither UMCOR nor Catholic Charities can deal with infrastructure issues, something the federal government can and should be doing. (BTW, that would be an excellent jobs program. Maybe then I would worry less about my family in Minnesota driving across a collapsing bridge.)Charitable organizations are wonderful, but the government has an important role is providing for its citizens.
4) There are federal programs that work. The military is a federal program. The post office works: they deliver letters and packages at a fraction of the cost of UPS or Fed Ex. Do you think Dad would give up his Social Security or Medicare? Private insurance could have denied Dad coverage because of pre-existing conditions. This HCR bill prohibits that. You can keep your son on your insurance until he turns 27. You can’t be tossed off your insurance just because you have the misfortune to be sick.
5) Jesus asked his followers to care for the less fortunate. That does not mean government should not offer programs to help the less fortunate as well. Food pantries are wonderful, and the volunteers who staff them are noble and selfless. But a group of individuals cannot make an insurance company to act ethically. Insurance companies have denied healthcare coverage based on pre-existing conditions such as acne, victims of domestic abuse or survivors of rape. You are related to people who have at least two of these so-called pre-existing conditions. Shouldn’t the government be able to regulate the insurance industry so these abuses can be stopped? Isn’t that the moral thing to do?
6) Sadly, many of the Republicans against HCR are not behaving as Christ would have us to behave. (see Rush Limbaugh)There is a very tragically prevalent attitude of “I got mine, screw you if you don’t have yours.” People say, “I don’t want to pay for your health care.” The truth is we already do with the uninsured using ER’s as their primary health care providers, leaving the rest of us with escalating premiums. Glenn Beck is advising his listeners/viewers to leave your churches if the churches believe in pursuing social justice. Tea Party protesters taunt a man with Parkinson’s, calling him a whiner because he wants decent health care. Other Tea Party protesters spit on an African-American congressman; others yell racist and homophobic epithets at other congressmen. Not very Christ-like

Lori said...

I'm eating a banana cream pie yogurt in your honor.

Becky said...

Woo Hoo ... girls day at the dump.

Well ... we have curbside garbage and recycling pick up here. It is included in our rent. The Butler and I have been pleased to see that our recycling container is always much fuller than our garbage container. And even though we can put it out every week we only do it once a month. We may have to do it more often when it gets hot (read smelly) but for now, that is just right for us.

I do believe the statistic and I am ashamed of it. Shame on us is right!

cheri said...

Hey Lori, thanks for taking the time to respond. I've only got a few minutes on the computer off and on today, so I'll respond a wee bit at a time.

Pro-life. Given that we have a Hyde Amendment, why was such a big deal made by pro-life Democrats about assuring that federal funds would not be used for abortion?
What is HCT?

Debt. We have too much debt with or without the health care bill. And both parties bear responsibility.

Do you really think this bill will be deficit neutral? Hard to imagine.

I do not intend to get into partisan bashing here. And as I mentioned I'm not against health care reform - just not this particular bill.

Our state reps pointed out that with this bill there would be even less money available for infrastructure repair and renewal.

That is all I have time for now, except to say that I do not listen to Rush or Glenn. I got these ideas all on my lonesome. I do not get my marching orders from them. :)

Also, since we were raised in the same house with the same rules, you know that I deplore the name-calling and spitting. Those people do not represent me. I can't imagine a more counter-productive way to win people over to your way of thinking.

Glad you enjoyed your banana cream yogurt!

And Becky, fellow Crunchy Con - good job on the garbage!

Chasing The Northern Dream said...


I completely share your sentiments on the current health care reform bill. I am appalled and disappointed, etc., etc., etc., and am too disgusted to elaborate further...

However, BEAUTIFUL hyacinth! Thanks for the "purple" addition to my day! :)