Tuesday, April 06, 2010

behind me before me

peach blossom on the neighbor's peach tree

Today's agenda is much more pleasant than yesterday's. A friend of mine is visiting family in Nashville and we are meeting betwixt hither and yon for lunch. So looking forward to seeing her.
Yesterday's procedure went fine. Only one little polyp which is going in for one little biopsy. I won't have to have another colonoscopy* for 5 years (though I am a master of procrastination when it comes to things like this...could easily stretch to 7 or 8 years...).
I saw this quote this morning on a friend's facebook status:

"I am more and more assured that is does not matter so much WHAT we go through as HOW we go through it." Amy Carmichael

*haha - blogger offered an alternate spelling for colonoscopy - kaleidoscope! Don't think so!


Becky said...

Well I certainly hope your one little polyp passes its one little biopsy with flying colors.

Kathee said...

Are there GPS coordinates for betwixt hither and yon? Why do I ask? New consulting gig will bring me to Nashville [TN not IN] Mon-Thu probably for a good while. Once I get in the groove maybe I can find hither and yon and meet with you.

cheri said...

S. and I met in Crossville for lunch. Halfway for both of us. Would that work for you?

So...you got a job! Tell me more!