Monday, April 12, 2010


crabapple tree

Currently blooming in our yard:

  • tulips
  • grape hyacinths
  • lilacs
  • dogwood
  • apple trees
  • crabapple tree
  • cherry tree
  • blueberry bush
  • loropetalum

It is such a pleasure to walk around the yard and smell the beautiful fragrances and see the lovely flowers; each so different; each carefully and imaginatively crafted by our Creator.

We are thoroughly enjoying this time of year as the yard wakes up and dons more colorful attire each day.

Course the weeds are growing too, but that it okay - gives me an excuse to get outside and get my hands dirty!

Kimmee had a set-back yesterday but seems a little better today. She was one sick puppy!


Becky said...

Can't wait to see the pink dogwood. I am loving all this new growth and color too. I was so tired of tropical flowers.

Katie said...

Greetings Cheri, I love reading your blog. I hope you now it touches many lives. Thanks for keeping it up:-) I would love to take a walk with you through your blooming world! Love, Katie

cheri said...

I'll post that picture on Wed, Becky.

Katie, thanks for taking the time to comment! Sometimes I think Becky is the only one who reads this!!!

C'mon down and we'll take a walk!