Friday, April 23, 2010

dust catchers part 2

Last night I wrote a rather longish post regarding minimalism (though I suppose that a post on minimalism should be short, hmmm?). Thought provoking; witty. At least you will have to take my word for it. I somehow deleted the whole thing.

In it I outlined 5 reasons why I would like to be a minimalist and 5 reasons why I will never be a minimalist. Now of course, I can not remember what they were.

super fragrant pollen dispersing holly

My thoughts on minimalism reminded me of a camping trip long ago. We were headed to Lake Superior with a group of friends. For the better part of a week, I piled up the things I wanted to take camping; things to make our trip comfortable and to cover every eventuality.

The pile included:
Our camping box (contains cooking and eating stuff) a BIG basket full of towels and tablecloths and rain gear and pillows, sleeping bags, tent, cards, bug spray, sunscreen, camp chairs, yada, yada, yada.

One shelf in the fridge dedicated to food for the trip; one shelf in the pantry dedicated to food for the trip. I thought of everything.

Shortly after we arrived at the camp site, my friend N. pulled in. We were busy setting up, figuring out where to put stuff - what should be left in the car, what should come out.

N. and her kids set up their tent. Then they put a pitcher of juice on the picnic table and a lantern. That is all they had! Oh, and maybe a few granola bars in the car. I'm not even sure they changed clothes all weekend. But what difference does that make when you are camping?

It took me hours to plan and pack. It took her five minutes.

And I bet they had just as good a time as we did.

Lesson learned. We don't need as much stuff as we think (please feel free to remind me of this as I pack for our trip next week).

one reason not to be a minimalist - priceless pictures of little brothers styling in leisure suits
and he is just as cute as he was then - still have that leisure suit, Roger?

Here are a few more links for you to peruse regarding minimalism. 51 things, seriously?

Karen has been pondering minimalism lately. Here and here.

super fragrant pollen dispersing laurel

I sent Pat (WHO RETIRES ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!) a link regarding a potential second career for him.
This career would supplement our retirement income and make a small dent in our the pile of stuff that no self respecting minimalist would have.

So, I'm curious, and would love some feedback - are you a packrat or a minimalist?


Becky said...

Forget the leisure suit ... look at that gorgeous hair!

I am the minimalist, he is the pack rat. ("We can save that broken blow dryer in case we ever need the cord for something")

It was WONDERFUL paring things down to go from 3,000 sq feet and 4 bedrooms to 1300 sq feet and and a tiny, tiny kitchen. Okay, so I don't love the tiny tiny kitchen and I miss my pantry. Kitchen is one place I like a lot of stuff. But I use it all.

Lady Farmer said...

He's the minimalist, I'm the pack rat! (Though it is neat and tidy.) My excuse is I was raised by my grandmother who lived through the Great Depression. We saved everything cuz you just may need that someday!
Today, just as soon as hubby does throw something out (without my knowing) that is when I need it!
It's funny, too, that he thinks his stuff is necessary and mine is junk and visa versa!
They say opposites attract! ;~D

cheri said...

He wishes he still had that hair, Becky!

Yep, kitchens need stuff! And I love that we have pared down and hope to do more!

If you are neat and tidy, Lady Farmer, I don't think you could be considered a pack rat. :)

And yes, I could easily get rid of Pat's stuff and he, mine!