Friday, April 16, 2010

a few of my favorite things

fragrant lilac just beginning to bloom

We have a string of picture perfect days lately. Yes, we need rain and yes, it has been warmish, but the days have been beautiful. Every morning it seems that something else has just begun blooming.

One of my favorite activities is to sit out on the back porch (no fancy porch furniture as of yet, just an o-l-d card table and chairs) and spread out my Bible study materials. Special pen, notebook, favorite worn Bible, concordance and a cup of tea.

As I study and write, the fragrant holly bush aroma wafts past me. Very soon, the lilac will join. The birds at the feeder call to each other. And the mockingbird perched on top of the holly tree goes through a litany of songs...none of them his own.

The sun is making its way up into the sky and after the washing machine does its work, I'll hang a load of laundry on the drying rack on the back porch; taking full advantage of solar power.

Then off to the fruit market. I noticed yesterday, when Mom and I were at the library that the vegetable bedding plants had arrived. I'll probably buy too much and come home and plant, plant, plant.

And count my blessings. I am so grateful to be able to spend a day like this.


Becky said...

I am with you on every turn. Lilacs to a favorite pen.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lady Farmer said...

What a beautiful way to start the day!

Oh, aren't you getting so excited about the *retirement* in two weeks!!!??? Got any plans? :~D


cheri said...

Thanks, Becky!

We are taking a road trip to see all our kids and celebrate our youngest's graduation from college. WOO HOO!