Saturday, April 24, 2010

garden delights

the first of our irises popped out this morning - love irises

Every morning, there are new treats in the garden. So many beautiful flowers, and now we begin eating from the garden. The first lettuce was snipped and added to our salad. We have been snacking on our radishes. And they are very good. I added some pansies to our salad too. Edible and pretty!

Just a few more thoughts on minimalism - I received a nice, thoughtful email on the subject from my good friend kjh. Unfortunately, I can not access my gmail account on my computer, only on my phone.

She read my original post (before my accidentally deleting it in a ditzy blond moment). She reminded me that I had said that my possessions can be used to bless and minister to others.

For example, if you want to take some food to someone in need, this requires some sort of kitchen equipment. In addition, I have used my clavinova to record music which will be used to accompany my little Praise Kids on Sunday night. My Bibles and reference materials enrich my personal Bible study and hopefully help me live a more Christ like life (and add to the discussion in Bible study and Sunday School).

And kjh, you were spot on. The two people that I referenced were young men. No apparent attachments. Their belongings are exclusively used to serve them.

I have a lifetime of belongings that have been (and hopefully will continue to be) used to serve my family and friends and neighbors and my church.

That said...there are a few things I could get rid of....Severe storms are headed this way, making for a good day to clean closets!


momawake said...

Good thoughts. It's all about where our hearts are. I, quite frankly, don't think about minimalism very often, probably because I have lots of stuff! But I have decided to use my stuff, especially my fabric to bless others in some way. It might be quilts for mission trips, skirts for my nieces, or doll clothes for my daughter. This approach is probably better than feeling guilty about having so much (fabric, that is.)

cheri said...

You do a great job of blessing others, momawake!