Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

My, how time flies. Two years ago we welcomed this little guy into the world. I had just left my Wisconsin home of thirty years, spent a few days with Jon, Kristi and Joshua and then headed for Tennessee. As I left Joshua that first time, I bawled. Not delicate little tears but wracking, heaving sobs (it is hard to drive like that). I was afraid of the distance - that I would not get to see him, be part of his life.

Well, God , in His mercy has shown me that I need not fear. That first year I saw Joshua 3 times. As well as the next year. And it looks like the same will be true this year.

Thank you LORD. Thank you for this precious little boy . Thank you that he is being raised in a godly home.

And thank you that we get to see him in six days!!!!

Happy , happy birthday Joshy!


Becky said...

Happy birthday to your Joshua! And happy 2nd year of being a Grammie. New one is coming soon, yes????

cbe said...

Hey Cheri!

I just found your blog (my mom mentioned it to me earlier, but it's been a crazy year, so I'm just finding you now). So good to see you're doing well and that the family is doing well, too.

Any tips on becoming a Tennessee-an? Daryl and I are on the countdown to Nashville (though he's been there nearly a year, he's been living with friends, so we aren't officially "settled" yet).

cheri said...

June 21, Becky!

And Court - I have tips - I'll send you a message via your facebook inbox!