Tuesday, April 20, 2010

have I got a deal for you

cherry blossom

As we count down the days toward retirement; and the days until we hit the road for a few weeks, my thoughts turn now, more than ever, toward money saving strategies.

(Yesterday I made homemade french dressing using the leftover 'juice' from refrigerator pickles and today I plan to make some homemade pancake syrup for the leftover syrup from home canned peaches.)

Pat is working on the insurance angle. We are too young for medicare (esp. me lol), so we need to find an affordable policy. Major medical with high deductible and low(er) payments? No prescription card for even lower payments? Trying to balance out all the 'what-if's' is a bit mind boggling.

While Pat crunches numbers, I am staying out of the grocery store and planning meals around what we have on hand. We are eating from the refrigerator and freezer - trying to end up with an empty fridge and a freezer. ( I will put frozen water bottles in the freezer to help it run efficiently while we are gone.)

The father of a man in our Sunday School class died over the weekend and our classmates are bringing some food to the family. Blueberry muffins, okay? Perfect! With the self-rising flour I mistakenly bought a few months back and the remaining blueberries in the freezer, I can show some love to some friends and accomplish my goal of using up what we have on hand.

I have been surprised at how little I have needed to buy these past few weeks. Just a few perishables. It is nice to not have to shop.

However, when we return from our trip, I will return to my stocking -up -the -pantry ways. And I just heard on the radio yesterday about a website that has all your grocery store flyers in one spot - to make it easier to compare prices. Just enter your zipcode and find the best prices on the foods you eat!

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Lady Farmer said...

Thanks for the website, Cheri!

As we get closer to "his" day of retirement (still 2 years away) we ponder all the insurance questions, also.

Your countdown has us excited for you! It will go by quickly, now ~ or perhaps seem to just drag on! Hope it is quick!