Thursday, April 15, 2010

one stop shopping

At choir? Who knew?

One of the gals at choir cares for developmentally disabled adults who frequently work at a mushroom packing plant. When there are over-runs, she brings them to choir. Portabella, button mushrooms and enoki. I brought home mushrooms for us and for the folks.

Another gal decided to divide her hosta plants. She had about thirty bags of hostas in the back of her truck. I (being greedy) took two.

We have the luxury of planting hostas here that will not be eaten by the deer. Our northern four hoofed neighbors enjoyed the salad bar of hostas we offered them. Here, we don't see many deer. Although I did see three on the way to the dentist yesterday (which went fine, thanks for asking).

Free mushrooms and hostas at choir. That should encourage good attendance!

Today, Mom and I do story hour at the library, then I scurry off to Bible study.

Once home, I will try to figure out the best spot for two bagsful of hostas in our non-shady yard.

I hope you can get out and enjoy some time outside today!


Becky said...

I just discovered that we can OF COURSE grow hosta in this area. I would love to do so if I had my own yard. Some day!

And I caught the deer cleaning out my bird feeder yesterday. Imagine!!

cheri said...

We fed a lot more deer at our bird feeder than birds!