Saturday, April 17, 2010

planning and planting

Every once in a while, my horsie neighbor shows up down by the gate across the road. So, I go visit him, apples/carrots in hand.

He is a nice fellow and doesn't mind posing.
It is beautiful down there, though I do watch where I walk (poison ivy and snakes, ya know).
Up close and personal. Got any more treats?
How's this?
In case you don't have the lovely weather we are enjoying this weekend and are stuck inside, here is a website for your perusal. It was featured last night on the news and offers lots of alternative (and generally money saving ideas) for products you probably already have around the house.


Becky said...

You need some muck boots. Seriously. They are pricey but at our age we'll never outgrown them:) I think they are just the thing for mucking about in mud and poison ivy and snakes. I plan to get some if I ever get the house I'd like to play gardening in.

Have a lovely weekend. And I think that horse just winked at me.

momawake said...

Speaking of weather, today my husband mowed the lawn with little snow flurries in the air. :)

cheri said...

Good idea, Becky! I'll check the thrift store. :)

Momawake, that is a rare combination of events!