Thursday, April 08, 2010

sensory deprivation part two

While prepping for my um... 'kaleideoscope', I had a cup of chicken bullion for lunch. It smelled so good and I sipped it slowly, savoring each sip.

A little later when I was standing a few feet away from Pat, he opened a carton of raisins. They smelled really good too - funny, I had never paid much attention to raisin fragrance.

I attribute my heightened sense of smell to the fact that I was not consuming any food.

In the morning when I walk, I just listen to the birds, roosters, dogs, the occasional coyote and sometimes cows and horses. I can recognize the sounds of various neighbor's cars as they start up for work. No portable music for me. I prefer natural sounds.

When the house is quiet (no television or radio), I can hear various hums of fans and refrigerator motors or the dishwasher. Though I love listening to music, I also love the sound of quiet.

Sometimes it is good to be deprived, so you can appreciate what you have.


Candy said...

I love the quietness! When home alone, I never have the tv or radio on.

MKG said...

I also love the quiet! Even the sound of my fish tank filter overflowing and my furnace fan (on to help dry out the basement) bother me sometimes. My best destressor is the outdoors, digging in my garden or hiking near trees and water...a gentle breeze, some birds chirping, some wildflowers and a glimpse of wildlife make my day! (we don't get gentle breezes often in SD, the 4th windiest state!) I also have to drive a bit to find trees and water! I love your writing, Cheri! MKG

cheri said...

Thanks, girls, for agreeing with me...:)

I'm glad to know there are kindred spirits out there.

And MKG, so glad you found me!