Monday, April 19, 2010

simple, productive

We made our first trek of the year to the Amish farmer's market. Lots of bedding plants for sale, some baked goods and greens. Despite the fact that it is more than a mile off the main highway, and you have to go through a one-lane road under a train trestle (their road is called "Needle-Eye" - well named!), there were dozens of cars there.

We came away with spinach, lettuce, cucumbers and some sticky buns (hangs head in shame). They make the most delicious sticky buns! Too good to resist.

Saturday afternoon was spent in the garden. All the tomato plants and basil and the free hostas are now planted. Now onto flowers (glads, zinnias, cosmos to name a few) and a second planting of radishes and lettuces (we harvested our first radishes on Saturday!).

All in all, a productive weekend. I had my last official practice with my Praise Kids last night. One brief 'dress rehearsal' on Wednesday and then they sing Sunday night. Should be fun.

Hope you had a great weekend - I'm heading out now to water and weed!

apple blossoms


Becky said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. If we were neighbors I'd beg to tag along. And you likely would welcome me. And share your sticky buns :)

cheri said...

It would be a blast to do stuff like that together, Becky!