Saturday, May 01, 2010

all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

typing this by an open window - the birds are singing and the fragrance of the lilac is fabulous

So. Thanks for the nice retirement wishes everyone. Now we are on to our next adventure.

We spent some time looking back yesterday - marveling at God's goodness and His grace. So thankful for His provision for our every need. Since He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we are confident of His goodness and grace through our retirement years.

Today, we look ahead. LORD willing we will head out tomorrow. The next two weeks will be spent rejoicing with family and friends.

And now that we are on a fixed income, of course I will continue to practice and hone my frugal skills.

Including on this trip. Oh, we will celebrate and have some big parties (hey Northwoods peeps, open house at Randy and Ann's on the 10th at 5:30 - come when you can) and Daniel's graduation (praise GOD - three children through private Christian schools - only HE could have done that!). But while we are on the road we will do some/all of the following to save some pennies:

  • properly maintain the car - check tires and fluid levels
  • bring our stainless steel travel mugs - can be filled with water at rest stops or coffee/soda at gas stations at a reduced rate (and no waste)
  • pack a cooler - carrots, apples, yogurt, cheese, hardboiled eggs, juice, water, milk
  • also bringing bananas, crackers, cereal
  • re-read these tips
  • and these tips
  • use gasbuddy
  • use our AAA discount
We probably do other money saving things without even thinking of it. How about you?

Any tips for our trip?

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Becky said...

Have a wonderful trip! Congrats to Pat once again. Congrats to Daniel! Way cool and well done!

And enjoy those Northwoods friends ... it has been way to long for sure. They miss you!

Come back with lots to share. Take PICTURES!!