Monday, May 24, 2010

blogged down

When I first began blogging, it seemed like I had more than enough ideas to write about. Several things would pop into my head - ' I should blog about that!'.

These past several months, blogging has become more of a chore and it seems as though I have nothing new to say. I took a three week break several weeks ago thinking that would help.

It didn't.

I mentioned to a few people that I was contemplating quitting blogging. They kindly protested.

And then last week Pat got a very nice retirement gift from his company in the form of two generous gift cards. One, for Best Buy.

We went to Best Buy on Saturday. Our mission was to hunt for a laptop (we have two desktops - no laptops). We looked carefully, couldn't decide and then we wandered by the camera section.

We are now the proud and grateful owners of a Canon Power Shot SX 20 IS. It is way smarter than I am (not saying much..). It is a wonderful camera and already I am improving my photography skills and the quality of shots I take. But I have a lot to learn.

Unfortunately, I couldn't upload anything this morning. Erghh.

You'll have to take my word for it.

Back to the blogging issue. I've decided not to quit, but will be cutting back. Instead of 6 days a week - I'll be posting 3 or 4. If there is no post up by 10 a.m. EST, there will be no post that day.

Hopefully, that will improve the content.

It is a beautiful day outside - to nice to stay inside - I'm heading out to water, prune, plant and take pictures!


keystothecottage said...

I hear you on the blogged out feeling. And I am so jealous (in the best christian-like way) of your new camera.

I have an idea. You should join the Friday Foto Challenge. It will give you a reason to take pictures and practice your photography, and a subject to post on every Friday.

Here's the link:

This week's challenge is sillohuette (and boy, that is certainly spelled wrong and I am not even going to fix it).

Lady Farmer said...

I am soo glad you are not giving up on blogging! You are one of the first blogs I followed and I have enjoyed each time I have come here. You have much to offer. But I know what you mean about thinking of something for each day! I have a hard time coming up with something 2-3 times a week ~ at least something I think anyone would remotely want to look at!
Having a good camera will help! I didn't have any camera when I started blogging and relied on images from the web. Now that was a challenge!
Do enjoy your new toy and share what you are learning! I have always enjoyed *the content* of your blog. It is like visiting with a good friend!
Be Blessed!

momawake said...

There are two bloggers I know who quit within the last year. One of them started back up just recently. But when each of them stopped it was a little like losing a friend. Not that I'm friends with these people at all, but it just feels like it. So when they don't blog anymore there's no way to communicate with them. Thus, the friendship is gone. So DO NOT quit. I don't want to lose another friend. :)
Just blog when you feel like it. Some weeks I have to keep myself from posting multiple times a day, then there are weeks when I have nothing at all.

I second the idea of joining Foto Friday. I should send Amy down there to teach you how to use your camera. ;-) She's amazing to me. She just tries things, pushes buttons I'd be afraid to push and comes up with wonderful photos.

Tonia said...

I'm so glad you're not going to stop blogging! My blog doesn't get posted to very consistantly either. Quality over quantity is a good moto for everything in life-- even blogs! :)

cheri said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words! I will keep on keeping on!

Betty Anne said...

I have decided that for me anyway there are seasons in blogging -- sometimes I have more ideas than I have time to blog and then other times it seems like there is nothing in my life worth blogging about -- I am sure it is all a matter of my perspective at the time, but I have decided to stop getting upset by these seasons and instead just go with the flow. That sounds like a simple concept now as I am writing it but it took me awhile to actually sort it all out. Blessings