Monday, May 24, 2010

decisions, decisions

I was raised by gypsies.

Actually, they didn't become full-fledged gypsies until their nest was empty. Prior to this, a two-week vacation in the station wagon with four kids satisfied their need to wander.

Once the four of us were out of the house, Mom and Dad hit the road. Big time. Saudi Arabia for three years, Egypt for 6 months, Romania for three years and shorter stints in Brazil and Jamaica. They also visited several foreign countries during this time period.

When Dad retired they bought a fifth wheeler, then a motor home. The cris-crossed this beautiful country every summer for several years. And had many unique adventures.

It is no wonder then, that when the temperatures start to climb and the days lengthen that I want to travel. I haven't been camping for three years (sob!). And although we had a wonderful trip a few weeks ago, I'm itching to go again.

For you see, in less than four weeks, a grand daughter will make her debut. And Lord willing, I'll be there.

Now, for the decision. Do I fly or drive? I really want to drive. The freedom of the open roads, not being locked in to a schedule, the ability to stay longer if needed or shorter if not. Flying would take less time. Driving would be more fun (but I might have to borrow a car from a neighbor....).

My wanderlust was additionally fueled by these web pages I came across yesterday. How to avoid fast food while traveling and how to live in your van. :)

I need to make a decision here in the next few days. Input?

This charming tin-roofed farm house is about 1/3 to 1/2 mile from our house. My amazing new camera captured this from our front porch - no way the old one could have done this! The farm house is for sale. Want to be our neighbor?


keystothecottage said...

Yes! I DO want to be your neighbor. That is a pretty sweet farmhouse.

And I say drive. I love a quiet, lonely drive all by myself. I do a lot of praying. A lot of singing. A lot of talking to myself. You can pack lunches. Is there anyone along the way you can stop to see and stay with for a night here and there? That would be ideal.

And I do NOT like to fly at all. Charge me for carrying luggage? Are you kidding me??

Ike said...

Just checking to see if this works.

Ike said...

I'm a fan of driving. I like to see the landscape around me and I don't like to be stuck inside little airplanes and I like to be in control of my own schedule. (Sounds like a self-employed, home-schooling mom, doesn't it?) Wouldn't it be fun to have a laptop with you and google upcoming towns and find their coffee/tea shops and quilting hide-aways, and farmers markets? And you could definitely stay as long as you wanted with your new baby in the family! Anyway, hurray! I can respond to your blog through an address Ike has. We're back! L.D.

Lady Farmer said...

Great photo of the farmhouse! Wouldn't it be fun to be neighbors?

Drive, definately! So much more scope for the imagination!

Be Blessed!

momawake said...

You should drive. :)
And I'd love to be your neighbor, but I bet it's too hot there.

cheri said...

Yes, Becky - it is a sweet farmhouse - with horsies in the field behind. I do sing and pray while driving by myself. And yes, I've got relatives to visit along the way.

I don't mind flying - just don't like being locked in to a schedule (can you say independent?). LOL - like Linda another home-schooling self-employed mama!

Linda, great idea about googling antique shops and quilt shops and farmer's markets. I like the way you think, girl! And love that you are able to comment again.

I wish all my blogging girlfriends would be my neighbor, lady farmer! What fun we would have!

It does get hot, momawake - but the winters are a piece of cake. And you can stay inside on hot days and stitch away in air-conditioned comfort!