Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mom and Dad and Kimmee paid us a short visit the other morning. As they walked home, they came across this fellow:

So, they came back to get us so we could meet him.

He was not very friendly; snapping turtles rarely are. But thankfully he was not aggressive either.

He just pulled into his protective shell and waited until we went away.
This snapper, though as ugly as all get out(and huge - bigger than a dinner plate - more like a platter), is divinely protected.

Which reminded me....
A few months before Pat retired, he began to research insurance options for us. He is too young for Medicare (and I'm certainly too young for Medicare), so we needed a plan to replace his work benefit.

We came up with a relatively reasonable one and filled out all the paper work (and yes boy there was a lot of that!). They would let us know within 48 hours if we were approved. 48 hours came and went. No news. We took our trip and returned home. 12 days later, still no news.

Pat called and got the run around. He finally was told that they had not received his medical records. He called they Dr.'s office and had them (re)sent. The insurance company still claims they have not received his records, but that did not stop them from debiting our credit card for the first month's payment.

Our policy from Pat's work expires Monday.

At the 11th hour, Pat was talking to our friend/neighbor/pharmacist who highly recommended a local independent agent. She wrote up a very reasonable policy and we are insured. We canceled the policy that we never really had and are waiting for a check to be sent to us (I fear we may be in for a fight on that- that may keep my retired hubby busy for a while).

So, we are covered. Protected. Just like our turtle friend.

Knowing we were nearing the deadline on insurance, I spent some time praying for God's wisdom and guidance. He certainly answered that prayer.

And another cool thing - we are scrimping and saving more than usual around here for a number of reasons. Yesterday I went to the grocery store asking God to help me keep my total bill under $50 and still get everything we needed.

When the total appeared - it was $50.90. Close enough for me, but she had forgotten to put in a $.50 coupon which was automatically doubled.

Final total $49.90.

Thank you, LORD!


Rick said...

Uhmmmm.......check your math

Lady Farmer said...

Huh! Your math looks fine to me!

Anyway ~ don't you just love it how God does little things just like that? The grocery bill I mean.

And that He puts people in our way to bless and *protect* us, like your neighbor.

( You must have had a hard time sleeping ~ posted at 3:27 AM ? )