Saturday, May 22, 2010


From our Sunday school lesson:

If you have a choice between the Word of God and GOLD, choose the Word of God. ...The benefits of knowing and doing the Word of God are greater than all that money can buy.

So if you are tempted to read the stock page * before you read the Bible in the morning, remind yourself that this is not shrewd behavior. It's like the child who chooses the penny over the dime because it's bigger. Adults look on and shake their heads and try to teach children how to see what is really more valuable. That is no doubt the way the angels in heaven look down at childish businessmen who study the stock page before they study the Bible. There is a difference however: the benefits of the Word of God over the benefits of gold are far greater than ten to one.

*or - particularly convicting to me - check email or facebook...

From Why We Believe the Bible by John Piper