Monday, May 17, 2010

still basking... the wonderful glow of all the love we felt from family and friends during our recent trip.

We had the least amount of time with our graduate, Daniel. For his required internship in youth ministries he is serving as assistant resident director at Crown. He had many responsibilities the weekend of graduation and while we didn't see as much of him as we wanted, our hearts were filled with gratitude (graditude?) as he received his diploma - with honors!

Daniel and his girlfriend Laura (who is famous btw, having recently appeared on America's Funniest Videos as she prepared to SKYDIVE).
Can you tell which one of these is the youth pastor? Jon had a perfectly good head of hair when we first arrived at his house, but for some reason unknown to the rest of us, shaved it off (he does this periodically). Kristi is beautiful as ever and Josh is in a rare contemplative mood.

We wished our other beautiful daughter-in-law could have joined us, but since her mother's birthday fell on graduation day with Mother's Day to follow, Michelle understandably went to be with her mom.
Our three boys (bad grandma - how could I have cut Josh out of the picture?). We couldn't be more proud of and grateful for these three young men. They are fun, funny, generous, loving and they love the LORD. Each of them has had storms to weather along the way and have done so with grace and faith.

They are the best. And way too far away. Love you all!


bmoews said...

You pictures of your three boys just remind me so much of my three. Isn't that the best time? Our boys have us laughing our heads off when we are together. And then, deeply thinking in the way they have of dropping certain bombs when you least expect it. Hmmmm. Guys are hoot!!

cheri said...

It is hard being so far away from our guys, isn't it Becky? We laugh a lot more when we are with them!