Tuesday, May 11, 2010

this retirement stuff is pretty nice...

53 friends dropped by to see us last night. It was so wonderful. We hugged, chatted, smiled, laughed, cried (I cried when my friend Kim's husband Greg walked in - I miss her so much!) and reminisced.

Our emotional tanks are very full and we feel so loved.

Thanks so much to Ann and Randy for all the work they did to prepare for last night. Thanks to my favorite brother in the LORD for bringing all the table and chairs. Thanks to Ethel for bringing her amazingly yummy cheesecake (I'm assuming here....didn't get any) and lemon cake.

Thanks to all who brought goodies and admired the pictures of our very handsome/adorable grandson (this was an obligatory part of the evening).

We are so blessed and have the best friends in the world.

Thanks to all who came and thanks be to GOD for His many blessings!

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