Monday, May 03, 2010

white knuckles thru' music city

Should we go or shouldn't we? That was the question throughout Saturday and early Sunday morning.
We went for it, deciding that the predicted flash flooding would keep us in southeast Tennessee until Wednesday.
The trip was great. Except for Nashville to Clarksville. Torrential rains, flooded roads,visibility around 20 feet. We took the last rain to Clarksville. :)
Pat took care of the driving; I prayed and told him which lanes to choose (he appreciated this).
I -24 east of Nashville was closed due to flooding - thankfully for us, we were headed in the opposite direction.
We are currently in Mattoon, IL.
God is good - Nashville - not so much.
This morning's news made me realize just how dangerous the situation was and how grateful I am for God's protection. Please continue to pray for those in that area. Especially my brother and his family.


Lady Farmer said...

So the adventure begins! Now, you wouldn't have wanted a calm, peaceful, boring trip for your first days out of the gates would you? ;~D
Praying for continued safety for you and your hubby, your brother and his family and all those in and around Nashville.

Katie said...

Greetings, You've been in my prayers. I saw the news reports about the rain in Tenn. I'm glad to hear of God's hand upon you! I look forward to seeing you! Love, Katie

cheri said...

Nashville is a huge mess.Nope,not boring! Thanks for your prayers Lady Farmer and Katie.

See you in a week,Katie!