Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You fill up my senses

The sweet sound of birds in the early morning.

The smell of the roses, the lavender and the red clover.

The beauty of the distant hills and the fog resting in the valleys and the sun slowing breaking the day.

The rich taste of the fresh picked strawberries and crisp lettuce and flavorful garlic and tangy radishes just plucked from the garden.

The feel of a thick carpet of grass underfoot.

All around me this morning are delights to the senses. Thank you GOD for creating all these beautiful things and many more.

Thank you GOD for the ability to enjoy them.

'Morning by morning new mercies I see.'
This morning Mom, Dad, Kimmee and I head to Nashville for my niece Emilee's graduation - from preschool. Should be fun!


Becky said...

Too bad Daniel cannot go too, and congratulate her on a job well done :)

rachel said...

I love this time of year. Your post title made me think of Travis Cottrell's version of this song...have you every heard it?-nice.

Have a blessed weekend.