Wednesday, June 09, 2010

early harvest

I collected a platter full of goodness from the garden the other day. Pulled out all the radishes, a few carrots and some garlic. We have been harvesting lettuce for some time now. The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. As a transplanted northerner, I still cannot quite believe that I can be eating from the garden in late May and early June. Up north, we don't plant until Memorial Day!

This year I have been using the radish greens - extra flavor and vitamins. I've used them in quiche and in pasta salad and I have a bunch steamed and blanched in the freezer ready for more of the same. My grandma would be proud.

The fresh market has had baskets of peaches in for the past week or so. Since it will be in the 90's the next few days and since my sister and nephew will be here, I'm going to wait and can peaches next week.

Today's agenda includes planting beans and carrots where the radishes and lettuce used to be. We don't want to have any bare dirt in the garden!

There will also be sewing today. I made this little turtle for Josh and now want to make something for his baby sister (who, though due in a week and a half, remains nameless - any suggestions?).

First though, a quick dash to the farmer's market. Have a great day everyone!


Becky said...

I love the turtle softie. Great idea. Joshua will love it. My kids always fell in love with whatever softie was the newest. And the collection grew and grew.

Names ... well, Rebecca is nice. You could call her Becky for short. Hehe

Ike said...

Cute turtle. Soft looking material. I didn't know you could eat radish greens. Hoping the continuous rain stops in time for me to have my garage sale this weekend, before my relatives arrive (moving here) next week. Garden is in. So fun to get herbs for 75 cents a piece at the Trigs flower discount sale this week. Will move them into pots for the winter at end of season. Peppermint, parsley, sage, basil. YUM.

cheri said...

Rebecca is a beautiful name - how'd ya come up with that? :)

The fabric is flannel - left over from Josh's baby quilt (he calls his blankets his 'keys').

Love basil - can't get enough!