Thursday, June 03, 2010

field trip

Last week we took a little field trip to a neighboring town. Had a delicious lunch. Delicious.
Then we drove along the river for a while - stopping to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery - and scout for good fishing spots.

Today's field trip is a shopping trip.

Not that either one of us is much for shopping. But Pat received two generous gift cards - one from Best Buy (we used that for my, I mean our, new camera) and one for Bass Pro.

So today we will buy a fly fishing rod. It has been years since Pat went fly fishing. Early in our marriage he taught me to fly fish. This is the type of fishing I enjoy most.

A quiet stream or the shoreline of a peaceful lake. The graceful, elegant swaying of the fly line back and forth until the fly is placed at just the right spot. If a bass or trout takes the bait, all the better.

I have a feeling next week's field trip will be to an area stream - waders and fly fishing equipment for Patrick. A book, a notebook and a camera for me.

And a picnic lunch. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?


Lady Farmer said...

That sounds divine!
Hope Pat catches a big one ~ and since you have a camera, there will be no big fish tale. <><

Becky said...

That DOES sound wonderful. I love that we can have similar but different interests at the very same place. I hope you'll share you pictures since you can't really share the fish. Or maybe, pictures of the fish.

cheri said...

I'll keep him honest, Lady Farmer!

Pictures of the fish will have to do, Becky, unless you want to head down here for a trout dinner!