Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I left my heart....in central Iowa

my first meeting with Sadie Elizabeth (Sadie Beth)

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
~Elizabeth Stone

The same holds true, I find, of grandmotherhood. I miss those two precious little ones, Sadie Beth and Joshy Bob (Joshua Robert) tremendously and wonder each minute what they might be doing.

But what a fantastic trip. So grateful to be able to be there to welcome Sadie into the world and to play with Josh. To see all three of our children, both daughters-in-love, all of my siblings, three nephews, a niece, an aunt and uncle, two cousins and a second cousin (or is she a first cousin once removed? I always get mixed up on those). And both granddogs!

Many thanks to Mom and Dad for letting me borrow their car (which has over 100,000 less miles on it than ours), to Pat for being so supportive of my going, and to all who hosted me along the way. The drive was uneventful (so thankful) and relaxing. I love road trips. Especially road trips that bring grandchildren closer with each mile.

Suzi and I had a lot of fun on the return trip; she will be here for the rest of the week. Good times ahead!

Tomorrow's blog will have more pictures of the grands and some really good news!

the beautiful and sweet Sadie


Becky said...

She is beautiful! And look at you all doting and stuff :) I am so glad you went, and had such a great time. I am sure they all miss you as much as you miss them. An extra loving hand is always so welcome at a time like this.

We'll enjoy more pics. And big news? We'll enjoy that too I hope.

Lady Farmer said...

Sadie is posing so sweetly ~ just like a movie star! She is precious!

Ike said...

Linda says: Congratulations to Jon and Kristi! Sadie is beautiful. And we are excited too, Cheri, that we will be getting a member of your family back here soon...another excuse for another trip for you! Linda

cheri said...

Yes, I'm a doting grandma! Hope you are feeling better Becky!

She is posing, isn't she?

And Linda - we are excited for all the big news of last week! Yes - more trips to the Northwoods!