Tuesday, June 01, 2010

life is a bowl of cherries

Our neighbors have two (sour) cherry trees in their backyard. They picked all the cherries they wanted and invited us to go after the rest of them.

So we did.

We picked a gallon of cherries on Friday and another half gallon yesterday.

In a few days we will be able to get at least a half gallon more.

The first gallon and a half are all washed, pitted and tucked away in the freezer. 'Cept for the ones I made into a (now gone) cherry cobbler. My was that good.

I''ll wait for a cooler day to can the cherries. Then this winter we will enjoy cherry pie and cherry cobbler. A taste of summer when the calendar says otherwise.

We are grateful for generous neighbors and a God who provides more wonderfully than we could ask or imagine.
Less than three weeks until our granddaughter is scheduled to arrive! WooHoo!

I saw this absolutely adorable first book the other day.

Must make. Don't you agree?


Becky said...

Eeeeek I am having trouble commenting. I may have to rethink the Wordpress after all. This is my third try.

I LOVE that book. Worth every effort, and it would be an effort, to make it for a new grandgirl for Christmas I think. Just wonderful.

Becky said...

Looks like I have to comment here with my old account which leads nowhere.

Ike said...

Those cherries look yummy. They look a little like the nanking bush cherries I grew for years until they died off. Makes good jam too. Saw a cute grandchild related idea and thought of you. As the kids grow, you trace their hand, embroider the shape onto cloth in a colorful hoop, date and name included, and give for presents. Garden planting and closing out school is taking up our time on this end of the world. I'm trying this glowing, colorful swiss chard this year to be weird. So what are you doing weird and unusual these days? Linda

momawake said...

Yes, you should make that book. :)

Sour cherries remind me of my grandparents who had a cherry tree in a most precarious place along a rock wall. My sister fell off of it one year and broke her arm. My dh's grandmother had cherry trees also and used to share her canned ones with us. His sister now lives there, I wonder if the trees are still there and if she'll share.

Sharon said...

Hi Cheri,

I found you through Lady Farmer's Parables :) We love sour pie cherries too, every year we get some to make pie with, cobble sounds wonderful.

That book is so cute!

Oh, Here is a link to find out where you can get raw milk in Tennessee. The way around it is by purchasing shares of a cow or goat.


I hope this helps and have a blessed day!

cheri said...

I was thinking Christmas too, Becky! Glad you are back on Blogger now.

That is a great idea, Linda! Maybe I can do that with Josh when I see him in less than 3 weeks! No, haven't planted anything weird this year, but would love to see a picture of your Swiss Chard!

Funny how our memories revolve around food, isn't it momawake? Hope you find some cherries too (without breaking your arm!).

Sharon, thanks for stopping by - and thanks for that link!