Saturday, June 05, 2010

look a likes

If Kimmee Sue ever needs a stunt double or is looking for a long lost twin - she can find

contestant #1 here


contestant #2 here.

Which one do you think looks more like Kimmee?


Becky said...

That's a tough one. I am thinking triplets here. Wow!

Lady Farmer said...

Contestant #2 gets my vote! But Pozie's dog is a close second!

momawake said...

#2 for sure.

Kristi said...

Number 1 for me.

Ike said...

Back to yesterdays blog, I am not sure what a "softee" is, but I made a rice bag (I use brown rice) shaped like a football out of felt for Ike. It's a boy thing; he can warm it in the microwave (only a minute for a younger boy)for all his boy injuries you KNOW are around the corner. It is graduation party weekend as well as the going away party for our youth pastor.....haven't partied this much all in one weekend in years....I know you'd be here partying with us and not missin a beat...or needing a nap in between like my husband! Linda

cheri said...

Thanks for voting gals!

Ike, aka Linda, a softie is simply a stuffed toy - usually handmade I guess.

A ricebag in the shape of a football is a great idea!!

And yes, I would have loved to hit the graduation party circuit!