Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more good news

Thought you might like another picture of Sadie. :) We think she is beautiful and our prayer is that she be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

The day after Sadie was born, we received news from our youngest (and recent college graduate) that HE GOT A JOB!!!! In this economic climate, that is such exciting news - and he is so grateful that he won't have to move in with his parents. ~smile~

And not just any job....he will be a youth pastor at a church that our Northwoods church planted (in fact at the church that Linda, aka Ike - a frequent commenter here, attends). He will likely find housing in our former home town - because that is where most of the kids live. He will be starting some time during the first week of August - after his current internship is over.

In a really classy move, Daniel did not share this news with us on the day of Sadie's birth - though he knew at this time. He waited until the day after.

Two beautiful grandchildren, three gainfully employed sons - we are so thankful!
our grands - I love the tenderness of two year old Josh!


Candy said...

Woohoo!!! Woohoo for grandkids and woohoo for Dan the Man coming back up north!

Becky said...

So fun to see your pictures. Such gorgeous children. And congratulations to Daniel! You MUST be very proud ... in the most humble,christian way of course. As in ... GLORY GLORY GOD IS GOOD!

And in familiar territory too. That is terrific. I hope he loves the job and they love him. Wonderful!

Ike said...

LINDA SAID: Josh is so adorable with Sadie, what a tender heart! You know, I'm sure, that all of Daniel's surrogate moms up here will all be fighting over him.
I bet he won't go hungry! Love you, Linda

cheri said...

Thanks, gals for your sweet comments!

Yes, we are so thankful to the LORD
for Daniel's job!

And Linda...so nice to know that you and Candy and others will be watchin' out for him.