Saturday, June 26, 2010

parting shots

It is going to be hard to leave! It has been wonderful to be here all week, taking in the monumental, life changing experiences .

The above photo is of our sweet little Sadie in her crib - beautifully decorated by her mommy with sheets and bumper pads from Target and quilt and pillow cover by yours truly. (she does such a great job of combining traditional and contemporary) I'm happy with the whole 'ensemble', but of course the most beautiful adornment of the crib is our little Sadie Beth.

Big brother is very attentive. Unless Veggie Tales are on.
proud papa

Love the way Chloe is posing for this one. She is the best dog - running to the baby when she cries and watching to make sure one of us is paying attention.
Suzi and Daniel will be arriving after lunch. We will all hang out for a while, then Suzi and I head for Illinois to stay with Nathan and Michelle and have Sunday morning breakfast with Lori and Richard.

Then on to southern Illinois to visit more kin (our aunt and uncle and cousin). Monday -destination home!

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momawake said...

I'm so glad you've had such a sweet time. :)