Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Normally, I am a rather mild-mannered person. Ya know...Sunday school teacher, singing in the choir, sewing for my grandchildren.

But every once in a while my vicious side comes out and I go on a killing spree.

Yes, I said killing spree.

The objects of my violence are these:

Japanese beetles!

They appeared about a week ago and their arrival is so alarming that our neighbor came scurrying over to tell us 'the Japanese beetles are back!'.

He deals with Japanese beetles by spraying copious amounts of poison all over his yard. The other morning I could smell the poison half a block away. Cough, gak.

We have a different method. First we walk around the yard mourning and marveling. Mourning the loss of healthy leaves. Marveling at how much the nasty critters can eat in one day. The leaves on our rose bushes, zinnias and rhubarb resemble lace. Dozens of the greenish/coppery beetles languish - eating away.

Then we step into action. Armed with a mayo jar filled with soapy water, we pluck and plunk. The unsuspecting beetles are drowned - never to eat our roses again. Bwah-hah-hah!

We remove and kill dozens every day. They will be here for about another month and we will diligently pluck and plunk them every. single. day.

Until they leave.

Then Granny and Grampy Rambo will resume their mild-mannered ways.


Lady Farmer said...

We don't have too much in the way of bugs that eat the plants. Instead, we have deer! Too large for the plunking into a mayo jar of soapy water! Fencing is the only thing that works for me! (That and the occasional 'plinking' the Gentleman Farmer does in the Fall hunting season!)

Becky said...

Well I never would have known by looking at you :)

In FL we had these grasshoppers that were black and had a yellow stripe down their backs. They started out in March as cute and tiny babies. We used to enjoy them like that. Then we saw them grow. And they got huge. And they could eat the entire garden in one morning. So I would watch carefully and go out with my scissors and simply cut those big SLOOOOOOOW ugly grasshoppers in half.

Then end. Bwahaha too :)

cheri said...

Deer used to decimate our garden up north. Installing a fence made a huge difference - though the occasional deer still got in! Good thing you have a 'plinker' in your house!

Becky, you are ruthless! :)

momawake said...

This is what we use for Japanese Beetles.
I noticed that there are websites that show you how to make a trap.