Sunday, June 06, 2010

This weekend, I

Joining in with This weekend, I
(brand new participatory postings with a button Becky designed all by her lonesome)
over at keys to the cottage.

So....this weekend, I:

  • harvested and froze more cherries
  • watched a few episodes from the first season of The Odd Couple (that Felix and Oscar)
  • did some reading
  • made six dozen cookies for VBS
  • tore out the last of the first planting of lettuce
  • weeded
  • took some pictures of our pretty flowers
  • was sad that Pat spotted the first Japanese beetle of the season
  • was even sadder that the first black widow spider of the season appeared
  • made a softie for Josh
  • enjoyed looking at patterns of little girl dresses
  • engaged in good discussion in Sunday School
  • helped in crafts at Vacation Bible School (21 three and four year olds + markers = CHAOS)
What did you do this weekend? Join the fun over at Becky's!


Becky said...

Ah! This is so fun. I clicked over here and saw the button and my first thought was "that looks familiar" I forgot!!

I love your list. Sorry about the bugs and spiders and critters (but not the Josh critter). You should post a picture of your softie. I am dying to know what you ended up with.

And thanks for playing!

Robin said...

Wow - it's so hard to believe it is time for VBS already! And cherries - I love them!
And do tell, what is a softie?
We had a great Sunday School class this week too!
I love Becky's idea - give us all something to look forward to on Monday mornings!

Madeleine said...

What ????The first lettuce crop??

We just have about 3 leaves t ours!! sheesh.

Good post!! Is that picture on top, TN??? It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Karen said...

Cherries and lettuce? Wow, I can't believe you're harvesting already!

And "the first" black widow? Yikes, that means there will be more:( I've only seen one or two in my whole life.

This is a great idea that Becky started!

cheri said...

A softie, as far as I can tell, is a stuffed handmade critter. Not necessarily an animal either. I've seen some monsters, inc. type softies out there too.

Yep, the picture on top is of the Smoky Mountains. They are beautiful!!

One black widow is more than enough, but I fear there will be more...