Monday, June 14, 2010

this weekend, I...

  • enjoyed time with family
  • Mom, Lori and I went to the Amish market and loaded up on fresh goodies
  • we then stopped at a really cool fair trade store
  • ate lots of the fresh goodies
  • made a huge pasta salad
  • ate the first local corn on the cob of the season - delish
  • went to our 'hairapist' Harriet for our hair cuts (Mom, Lori, Richard and I)
  • altered a skirt for my petite sis
  • had a blast when Emilee, Ethan, Derek and Roger arrived for lunch (steaks on the grill...yummy- entertainment by Emilee)
  • enjoyed watching my niece and nephews interact
  • watched the USA tie Great Britain (someone who shall remain nameless was hollerin' at the tv ~smile~)
  • did some heavy duty 'porch-sittin' and reminiscing
  • endured 90 * heat
  • Pat and I did something we never do - skipped church and took a breakfast picnic to the state park and sat by the lake in the shade and enjoyed a coolish breeze - I do not recommend skipping church, but I do recommend a breakfast picnic by the lake - especially in the midst of a string of ninety degree days
It was a very busy, but fun weekend. What did you do? Join the crowd at Becky's and tell us what you were up to this weekend!


Becky said...

We have been so hot here too. I am hoping that it is not a taste of the summer to come.

Your lilies are gorgeous. And a breakfast picnic .. I never would have thought of that. How relaxing. I guess in the midst of this heat early morning is the ONLY time to enjoy a picnic.

Thanks for playing along. I hope you have a great week.

Karen said...

I wish we had an Amish market in our area. I've visited them in other states and they are just the best.

How fun that you have a "hairapist!" (I'm assuming that's your hairdresser/therapist?)

The breakfast picnic sounds delightful.

Have a good week!

Ike said...

Linda said: The lake breakfast sounds nice. Took binoculars to Silver Beach to spot the 2 loon babies yesterday. My back is slowing me down this week; "my" loon babies cheer me up. I teach 16 students tomorrow and Wednesday. Relatives arrive tomorrow with Uhauls. Leaving soon on your trip?

Lady Farmer said...

Wow! What a fantastic list! You were a very busy gal! And the breakfast picnic does sound lovely!
You've set my mind to thinking (it doesn't do much of that anymore!) I think I will plan a breakfast picnic for the Gentleman Farmer and I very soon!

cheri said...

I think breakfast picnics will be a new tradition here, Becky!

Karen, we love our Amish market. It is a half hour drive - but worth it. And busy too! Word is out.

And yes, you got the hairapist idea right - Harriet is great; she listens to our problems and does our hair!

Loon babies! I miss the sound of loons. Hope your back heals up soon - although maybe it will get you out of unloading Uhauls!

Yep, leaving Friday!

It was busy around here, Lady Farmer...and too quiet now. Enjoy your breakfast picnic!

Robin said...

A breakfast picnic sounds delightful!
And I love the term "haripist" - that's perfect!