Friday, July 09, 2010

all over the place

fritillary on zinnia

For a brief moment yesterday, our car thermometer registered 100 degrees. I hope to never see that again! Today it is supposed to only 89, with a possibility for some much needed rain.

Since it has been oppressively hot all week, I've been spending a little bit more time on the computer than usual. I can justify this. :) Pat is sorting through some things that we will be
selling on ebay and craig's list and any where else we can. So, I've been checking prices. And getting motivated.

First stop was this blog. She earns her living by buying things at garage sales, thrift shops, etc and reselling them. She has made some fantastic purchases and I confess I got a little bit lost in her archives. 'Seriously? I've been sitting here for an hour reading about stuff she bought in September of 2006?'

BTW - am I the only one who does that? Sees an appealing blog and reads through some of the archives? Please tell me I'm not.

There is no way that I would want to start hitting garage sales and thrift stores to develop an inventory of things to sell - but it works for her. Besides we have plenty of our own inventory. No need to add anything else!

The other blog I read - which is diametrically opposed to the first- is this one.
I am increasingly attracted to the minimalist sensibility ( though not the Buddhist thought that often accompanies).

One blog about consumption, albeit the second hand variety; the other blog about purging possessions. Yes, I'm definitely all over the place.

And speaking of all over the place. Did you hear this really cool interview? (Scroll down for the link to play the interview - doesn't Carole look fantastic? She is 68!) If I were to ever go hear any popular artists in concert - it would be Carole King and James Taylor. You?


Becky said...

I saw Carole and JT on the TODAY Show a few weeks ago in concert. That was fun.

It has been oppressive here too. So much so that they are calling our 94 today a "cool front". Hahahahahaha. Right.

Have a good weekend ... keep cool. Did you dry any fruit in the car with those temps??

Ike said...

I am minimalist except when I see half bushels of fruit and vegetables...then I want them all. Justifiable, right?...."she brings her food from afar"... I'm trying to decide whether I am crazy (when no one else around me is putting food up for the winter) or smart (you know, like the ants). My table is ready with washed jars and canning supplies for the peaches coming on the truck tomorrow (although they do take a day or two to ripen) Our pastoral candidate comes in 2 weeks....has four little will be exciting to meet the family. Hope you are doing well. Linda

cheri said...

Nope, didn't dry any fruit yet. It was too hot out! :) Hope you get some relief too, Becky.

I would agree Linda. Minimalist except for food! Happy peaching.

And praying for your pastoral candidate - more so now that we have a vested interest. :)