Thursday, July 01, 2010

couldn't resist..

...posting a few more pictures of our sweet Sadie:

Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Suzi and KimmeeSue and I went to Georgia (via North Carolina).

We had a wonderful time and a delicious lunch at a beautiful resort there.

Today, though, I'm paying the piper. Two weeks prior to my trip and all the while I was gone the temps were in the 90's. Too hot to work outside, but not too hot for weeds to grow. They are taking over the place!

It was only 65 this morning when I got up, so I'm going to spend some time pulling weeds. We are harvesting a pint of cherry tomatoes every day - I'm thinking of drying some in my 2000 Town and Country silver minivan dehydrator. It will be nice to have sun dried tomatoes this winter!

This morning the windows are open for the first time in weeks and there is a cool (ish) breeze blowing through the house. I've already drowned about 3 dozen japanese beetles; now to tackle the weeds. Hope y'all have as fun a day as I'm having!


Becky said...

She looks so tiny in that big crib. And lovely to boot. She is already sporting some nice duds. Pretty girl.

Ike said...

Speaking of Georgia, we had the most incredible sweet corn from there today. I went back to get some more to put up for winter and the store had sold all 150 cases! (We'll be early birds tomorrow for it.) Speaking of a Town and Country...we have one of those now....send more info on your tomato experiment....I think I remember you blogging a picture of this in the past...but how long did it take. I put up blueberries, and corn today and will be putting up cherries tomorrow. Enjoy living so close to all of that good corn. Linda

Nika said...

Congratulations on beautiful Sadie -- and big, beautiful Josh! I've been meaning to get in touch forever and did finally try to write but, alas, to your old address. Please drop me the new one!
Love, Nika (Love from my Mom, too.)

cheri said...

She has the cutest wardrobe, Becky!

We are eating Georgia peaches, Linda (Georgia is less than 40 miles from here). We will be picking blueberries this week and making jam and syrup and muffins and pancakes and smoothies! Love fresh produce! I'll see if I can find a link to that post about dehydrating with my town and country.

NIKA!!! So great to hear from you. I'll get my contact info to you! Love to your mom and you .