Tuesday, July 06, 2010

summer (h)eats

Ahhh... summer. It is most definitely here. The weatherman announced last night on the news that there had been 24 days over 90 degrees this year (I'm thinkin' - only 24?). Our grass crunches when you walk on it.

More 90+ for the rest of the week too. We do our yard work before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m.

And in the interim? Yesterday I made another peach cobbler (drool) and some more pesto (double drool). I'll pick blueberries tomorrow and buy more peaches and do some canning. Must buy corn too.

Love eating summer time food. Ripe, juicy melon; peaches. Thick tomato slices ( with a dusting of sugar - my bad). French bread slathered with pesto - topped with tomatoes and mozarella cheese and slid under the broiler for a minute or two. Blueberry or peach cobbler. Or blueberry and peach cobbler! Sweet crunchy corn on the cob.

Love eating summer time food.

What are some of your favorite summer time eats?


Becky said...

I completely agree! I have been buying a sweet watermelon every week and eating the whole thing myself. (I buy the smallest one I can find)

We have eaten sweet corn at least twice a week so far. And I have been enjoying tomato sandwiches too.

I love the colors in the crisper in the summer.

Ike said...

I have made a couple of batches of bars with rhubarb and raspberries and maple syrup and applesauce in them. Yum. We have had rain for days on end. My California relatives are wondering what is up! Have a good day. Linda

Lady Farmer said...

Ahhh...summer. We haven't even had any spring! Mostly cool and rainy, but today we are supposed to have sunshine and 80's and maybe reach 90 tomorrow, but I won't hold my breath! Our grass squishes when we walk on it!

Favorite summertime eats? Peaches, watermelon, BBQ anything, and raspberries! (You can through some sliced pineapple with a sprinkling of brown sugar on the grill for me too! :~P ) And corn on the cob!

Hope to be tasting some of these soon!