Monday, July 05, 2010

this weekend, I...

  • spent lots of time with the folks and the sis
  • went to visit our 'hairapist' at the hospital (please pray for Harriet as she recovers from cancer surgery
  • made peach cobbler
  • ate peach cobbler
  • ate peaches (so good)
  • crawled into Mom and Dad's crawl space to retrieve Mom's journals - particularly the one chronicling the adoption of my niece Christina (she was in a Romanian orphanage and Mom and Dad were living in Romania - long story...I'll tell you someday)
  • cleaned porches and refrigerators
  • stood in line at newly opened Dollar General in hopes of being one of the first 50 (motivation - $10 gift card). No gift card for me, but instead $5 off my $20 order, so I was somewhat placated
  • took sissy to the airport :(
  • sang in choir and felt that familiar lump in my throat as I sang patriotic hymns and considered how blessed we are
the folks on a swing at a resort in Georgia last week - aren't they cute?

I've already done battle with the Japanese beetles this morning....time to tackle the weeds!

Join the weekend fun at Becky's!


Becky said...

Your folks ARE cute. Adorable. And what a life they have led. They'd be fun to have at a dinner party. I imagine the journals will be very fun to read after all these years.

And I am sorry for your hairapist's cancer. I'll say a prayer.

Ike said...

So you are already eating Georgia peaches! I am so eager for the Georgia peach truck to get here next week! They really are the best peaches. Your parents really have done a lot in their life. Is it all in the journals, or is there a new project in the making for you to write down their story? We had our first holiday EVER with relatives living was lots of fun! Take care! Linda

Becky said...

Love the zinnias! Your parents are cute! Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm sure the cobbler was amazing. : )

momawake said...

I love the picture of your parents.