Monday, July 19, 2010

this weekend, I...

  • porch sat with the folks
  • picked up a few things at the Mennonite market
  • enjoyed the ride
  • suffered more 90 weather
  • canned some peach honey
  • porch sat with the folks
  • enjoyed another good Sunday school discussion - folks were honest and vulnerable and God is so good
  • appreciated the time of worship (and the freedom to do so!)
  • came home and listened to Jon and Kristi's church and heard Jon singing on the worship team
  • had an esophageal spasm (lasted about 30 minutes - though not bad enough to send me to the hospital this time)
  • took a nap (that spasm wore me out)
  • went to church to hear the 3rd-6th graders tell about their time at camp. INSPIRING!
  • porch sat with the folks
  • did some pondering and came to a semi-decision
  • watched a little Hercule Poirot on PBS
You? See what others did this past weekend over at Becky's blog.


Karen said...

Love the porch sitting! Perhaps it helped you ponder and come to your decision? Peach honey sounds delicious, I'd not heard of it before.

Becky said...

Your porch sitting is the best thing for a summer day or evening. I love to see how many times you can fit that in each weekend :)

And those spasms sound terrible, and frightening. I am glad you knew what it was this time. And I'm sorry you had to endure it again.

I think it would be so wonderful to be able to tune in and hear my grown son singing at his church. Isn't technology grand??

Lady Farmer said...

Oh dear! Cheri!
Not another one of those spasms! How frightening! Hope you are, now, good to go for the week ahead!

Ike said...

Thinking of you. Take care of yourself! How did you become such a good porch sitter? I'm always feeling like I need to get up and do something. Peach honey does sound good. How do you listen to Jon again? Garden peas and raspberries are being picked and enjoyed daily. VBS is this week and Ike is doing sound and powerpoint with a friend. I play for worship next Sunday when the candidate is here...hoping Daniel will join us soon. Lisa and I would love to have him do worship with us sometime! Linda