Friday, July 16, 2010

while I was not blogging...

...we were enjoying a brief but fun visit from my aunt and uncle.

I stayed with them on my way up to and home from Josh and Sadie's home. They are conveniently located not quite halfway between our house and Nate and Michelle's.

Now that Pat is retired and Daniel is out of college (no more tuition!!!!), I am planning on more frequent trips up north. And stops at my aunt and uncle's. However, it sure was nice to have them here for a few days.

We went down to the Amish market (actually, they are Old Order Mennonites) and bought some wonderful produce and fresh baked goods.

We shopped at the fair trade store Mom and Dad's Sunday school teachers own. They have wonderful goods at very reasonable prices. Someday soon they will have a website. Which I will be sure to shamelessly promote here.

We went to Fort Loudoun and met an assistant surgeon who offered to 'purge us, puke us or bleed us'. We declined. He also helpfully mentioned that he could amputate any limbs that needed amputating or remove any musket balls we might have acquired. We declined - preferring to hang on to our limbs and not having recently acquired any musket balls.

We ate well and we porch sat. 'Twas very nice to have them here.

Today is about the 100th day (slight exaggeration) of 90+ degree weather. But the lawn needs mowing, so we will take turns on the mower and drink plenty of water and apply plenty of sunscreen.
We were at an ice cream social last night. We didn't know anybody there - except for our financial adviser and his secretary (they were throwing the party). We sat next to an older couple and started chatting about the weather...then gardening...then found out they know some of our neighbors.... It made what might have been a slightly uncomfortable time very pleasant. They told us they just canned 171 quarts of green beans and made 5 gallons of sauerkraut. I feel like such a slacker.
This past weekend, Jon, Kristi, Josh and Sadie went on a little vacation.

So did Nate and Michelle. And it just so happened that for a brief period of time they were in the same place at the same time. Back in our Northwoods hometown. Uncle Nate and Auntie Michelle got to meet sweet Miss Sadie for the first time.

Wish I could have been there.

Nate and Michelle went out to dinner and were waited on by bb's daughter.
Jon, Kristi, Josh and Sadie went out to lunch and were waited on by Candy's daughter.


Becky said...

Hey! I love that bb's daughter waited on them. And how nice the new aunt and uncle got to meet the new niece. Summer is all about family and vacations and your brood has sure done their part.

cheri said...

We are trying, Becky! I could go visit them every month, though. Not sure they'd like that...