Thursday, September 30, 2010

not on vacation anymore

If you were to think that these past several weeks of blog silence meant that I was just sitting around doing nothing, you would be sadly mistaken.

In addition to frequently commenting on the heat (wow, it is so hot...over 90 again?). I have been kept quite busy watching the second law of thermodynamics at work. Read the definition of entropy here, ( I prefer definition 2b - fewer and smaller words) not at wikipedia if you want to spare yourself a headache.

Yes, things have been falling apart here. Down at the folks too. Broken tractors, weedeaters and flat tires (at Mom and Dad's). Here? Our two year old fancy schmancy refrigerator quit working, something went wrong with our one and only car and as of bread maker is toast (get it?).

Everything is fixed now - except the bread maker - it had a good, long run though and will now be replaced by my kitchenaid. Be glad I wasn't blogging through all this.

All is well now and the cherries and blueberries that I had tucked into the freezer awaiting a below 90 degree day to can are all processed into pints and quarts now. Thankfully, on canning days it was only in the upper 80's.

Despite the recent equipment failures, we have many reasons for smiling. Case in point:

I did rotate this picture, but blogger switched it back - however, she is just as cute sideways!

Sadie is now three months old and wearing the dress I made for her before she was born. And as one of her daddy's coworkers said 'rocking the baby headband'. She is cheerful, content and good-natured almost all of the time. Her big brother Josh loves her and calls her 'Se' - leaving out all those pesky letters in the middle of her name.

Life is good. I'm involved in two wonderful Bible studies, have completed some projects that I had delayed doing for far too long and have, in general, been having a wonderful time.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you! How are y'all doing?


Becky said...

I am doing very well, thanks for asking. And I am so glad to see you back to blogging. Just in time to enjoy fall.

I am sorry for all the mishaps and breakdowns ... but the good news is you will LOVE your Kitchenaid. I use mine all the time and it makes great bread dough. Perfect. Enjoy.

Welcome back!

Lora said...

You know... most creatures go into hibernation in the fall... but you and I made our debuts in the fall, so I am not surprised you chose this time of year to resume your blogging. I look forward, with the rest of your followers, friends, family, and fans, to your insights, encouragements, and witticisms.

Cheri said...

The kitchen aid is wonderful. is only a matter of time before it breaks down too. :)

Lora - why don't you start blogging again, too? Hmmmms?

Lora said...

I have attempted to blog again, but have been unable to access any screen that allows me to write/publish a new post. I can view my blog, view my profile and info, but that's it! Frustratin'! Maybe you can figure out my problem (again).