Thursday, October 21, 2010


As I read our Sunday school lesson yesterday, I was reminded of John 10:10. And then again this morning as I reviewed a Bible study lesson:

"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full."

During our trip up north, I recognized over and over again just some of His abundance. Not only in the beauty of the northwoods and the delight of being with our children and grandchildren, but with wonderful girlfriends.

They inspire me. I know some of the pain and heartache and joy that they have experienced. And yet their beautiful faces and lives reflect Christ.
Ann and Mary managed to pull off Lora's birthday surprise. It was great fun (Lora's kind of a crybaby though...teehee - I suppose most people would cry if I popped in to surprise them - and not necessarily tears of joy.)!

Ann is the hostsess with the mostest. While she was at work Tuesday morning, I invited these good homeschooling friends over to chat. When Ann returned home, she asked them to stay for lunch. They did!

I'm so grateful that Pam and Barb took time out of their busy schedules to stop by and see me. We even got to go for a walk! Thanks girls - our walk and talk did me a world of good!

And Katie, how did I not get a picture of you? Thanks for coming over to see me!

These friends (and more!) are friends forever. I am so grateful for God's abundance!

~~~~And speaking of blessings, my lil sis and nephew arrive today. I'll be out playing the next few days and will resume blogging on Monday. Have a mahvelous weekend, everyone!


Becky said...

OH how FUN to see our bb with you. I would say that you have known her almost as long as I have. It's an enduring friendship. Is she going to see you when she visits Court? That would be fun.

Anonymous said...

I finally remembered that you started blogging again. It used to be a habit to go to your page daily but it took weeks for me to remember not to go so I'm sure it will be weeks again for me to go. And the first day I remember...there I am with my girls!
Thank you for posting that and thank you for blogging again. I appreciate it :) Love ya

Lady Farmer said...

I am so glad God gave us friends!
But, of course He would know what we needed!

Yes, I did use a pattern for the Cat Jumpers ~ Simplicity 2874. Easy! Have fun!

Cheri said...

If I can make that happen I will Becky! And LORD willing - I'll see you someday too!

You are welcome Ann. Love ya back!

Thanks Lady Farmer! Since my Christmas shopping is all done, I might have more time to sew/ :)